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Note from the webmastress: When I designed and published the first dave-barry.com (with a dash) website, way back in 1996, there was a lot less stuff about Dave on the web. Now there's a shipload of stuff out there. But I still own this domain and I'm still a fan, so I feel like I should update it from time to time. (This is the first update, so you can expect the next one sometime around 2038.) So it may seem that there isn't much here "about Dave," but that's because there are lots of other places to look. I've linked to a bunch of sites, etc., on the links page. What you see below is copied and pasted (mostly) from the original site.

Apologies in advance for not doing a very good job of keeping this site current. It's Obama's fault.

A long time ago, the New York Times called Dave Barry "the funniest man in America." We're not sure who they think is currently the funniest man in America, but I think Dave still tops the list. That's one of the reasons I created this website. (The other reason is that my interest in reading Dave's stuff sort of coincided with my interest in creating websites.)

From Dave's columns, books, and live appearances, we know the following:

Dave was born in 1947, and grew up* in Armonk, New York. Dave graduated from Haverford College, where he was an English major, in 1969. He began his professional life writing for the "Daily Local News," in West Chester, PA. In 1983, Dave began his work for the Miami Herald as a humor columnist. In 1988, Dave won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary. Dave retired from writing his weekly humor column a few years ago, but some newspapers continue to print repeats of his old columns.

A long time ago, Dave was married to Beth, and together they produced a son, Rob, born in 1980. Rob and Beth have been mentioned in several of Dave's weekly columns as well as in a couple of his books. Beth was also the name of Dave's wife in the sitcom, "Dave's World," that was based on his columns. But now Dave and Beth are divorced. This was not mentioned in a column or book, but we know it is true since Dave has remarried. In 1996, Dave married Michelle Kaufman, a sportswriter for the Miami Herald. Dave and Michelle have a daughter, Sophie.

Dave has written several funny books in addition to his humor column. You can find a list of them here.

*Well, some would argue successfully that Dave never actually grew up. What I mean is that he reached the legal age of adulthood. Or something like that.


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